Joycemint emphasizes on quality of teaching, joyfulness and creativity. As such, we exclusively selected our panel of teachers accentuating on qualification & experience, friendliness, passion, dedication and endurance. The panel of teachers comprises music enthusiasts whom graduated from reputable universities in various countries. Their passions in music had inspired them to impart the interests and knowledge to the students. The combination of their professional skills, dedication and pleasant characters will ensure the students to progress under an enjoyable and joyful environment.


Caleb Lee

Caleb has been teaching music while he was completing his bachelor degree in classical music. Though he has been trained classically, he strongly advocates playing by ear. He believes that music, like any other languages, has not limited to just one approach. Having involved with early childhood education in kindergartens since 2008 has greatly helped him in his interaction with children of all ages. He has also conducted several workshops both locally and overseas.


Eric Eng

Eric graduated from the Malaysia Conservatorium of Music. He studied the violin under Mr. Andrew Chye and the classical guitar under Mr. Simon Cheong. Eric has more than 25 years of teaching experience. His passions for teaching and knowledge continue to lead him to explore new instruments. Eric enjoys interacting with students of all ages. He believes that enjoyment is the key guideline to continue and pursue studies in instruments.

Evelyn Chang

Evelyn started playing piano at the age of 5. She completed her Bachelor of Music (Classical) at UCSI University where she studied various subjects such as piano accompaniment, history of the music and she took up flute as her minor instrument. Evelyn has been teaching music for 4 years. She enjoys teaching music because she believes that playing music is a good way for everyone to express their emotions.


Hong Ee

Hong Ee started playing drums when he was 12. He studied drums under the Rockschool syllabus. His specialty is in teaching Rock music. He emphasizes on developing improvisation & creativity skills of his students as he believe they are the most important aspects of being a musician. While majoring drum in UCSI University , he is also a member of the famous percussion group known as Batteryheadz Percussion.

Ian Chan

A self-taught saxophonist, Ian Chan (LTCL in Saxophone Performance) had master classes as solo and quartet player with Tan Eng Pin, Raymond Kong, Carina Rascher, Greg Lyons, Nobuya Sugawa, Kenneth Tse, Dan Goble, Shyen Lee, Masahiro Maeda, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Willian Street, Keiji Munesada, Richard Dirlam and Jean-Marie Londeix.
Ian has been actively involved in local wind/jazz ensembles since 1994 notably PJ Youth Symphonic Band, Emergency Break Ensemble; and also participated in Thailand International Saxophone Conference in 2004 where Ian performed with a 79-piece International Saxophone Orchestra. Ian performed as orchestral saxophonist in guest appearance with Malaysia National Symphony Orchestra on “Pictures at an Exhibition” by Mussorgsky in 2005.
Ian is also the leader of Birdian Saxophone Quartet, which is founded in 2001.


Kelly Yeoh

Kelly obtained a BA (Hons) Music degree from Middlesex University, London. Whilst studying abroad, she entered the popular North London Music Festival and obtained 2 prizes – 1st prize for performing Oliver Messiaen’sVingt Regards surl’Enfant JesusIIIin the Modern Category and 2nd prize for Beethoven’s Sonata in F# Major, Op. 78 No. 24. With more than 10 years of experience teaching abroad and locally, alongside to raising two young children, she has found pleasure in not just teaching but also learning to adapt and learn from children with different cultures and backgrounds. She strongly believes that with help and guidance from not only the teacher, but also the parents, it enriches the children’s lives.

Kit Wong

Kit graduated from UCSI University with a Diploma in Drum. He has 8 years of teaching experience and 10 years of performing experience. Kit believes that it is important to develop student’s interest and love for music. He is a Crossfire ex-drummer. He has been actively involved in drum recording sessions for many local artists. He had also performed with Nicholas Teo, Jaycee, Power Station, Beyond , John Wong And many local artists. Kit was awarded 2nd Runner Up in Asian Beat 2003 Yamaha. He also plays the piano.


Silvia started to learn piano at the age of 8. She was involved in numerous concerts and piano competitions including ABRSM high scorer’s concert. In 2003, she was awarded the highest scorer for ABRSM grade 7. In 2005, she won first place for Samick piano competition. In addition to Licentiate Diploma in performance, Silvia graduated with a Bachelor in Classical Music from UCSI University. Silvia has a gifted voice and she took up vocal as her minor subject. Silvia is very passionate about teaching and thus fully devoted to it. She believes that there has to be balance between technique, musicality and fun in the process of learning.