After years of planning, Joycemint Music & Arts has finally burst onto the KL music-teaching scene. Drawing on experimental-music teaching techniques, Gloria Tan, a Berklee College of Music (Boston) graduate, is confident that the time is ripe for an alternative music-school in Malaysia. Teaming up with her London trained sister, Joyce Tan, both waxed lyrical about their new venture which is a culmination of their life-long passion for music.

Gloria Tan

Started learning organ and ear training in the age of 4 and managed to pick-up piano by the age of six. An avid composer, Gloria started to compose at the age of ten and is currently recording her own composition albums.
Graduated top of her class from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, majoring in music composition.
Gloria who plays the drum, took lessons under world class musician Kenwood Dennard , Rick Considine and Ross Ramsay.

Grace Tan

A talented pianist gave up her passion for music to study law in London. She also holds a Master of Laws from the University of London. She provides legal counsel to the school and lends her expertise in selecting and importing fine musical instruments for the School.

Joyce Tan

Joyce, who holds an accounting professional degree and a bachelor degree in Accounting & Finance from London, is also a well-traveled Chartered Accountant who used to be based in Shanghai and Beijing. Tired by the demands of the IPO cacophony in the PRC, Joyce gave up the high profile job for the chance to make a difference in Malaysia.
Joyce’s talent for the arts can be seen in the Joycemint logo, the interior-design and overall artistic concept of the School. She is also responsible for selecting the business plan and the location of the School.